Stanisław Popowski alias "Jason", born 23th April, 1997. Usually I deal with creating online games and releasing them on Kongregate and Newgrounds sites and therefore I creating rap music, but I don't deserve "rapper" title yet. I like my work even when it's Sisyphean. Generally I have to work like for eight. I creating everything alone. Music, games, but also respect. Even when it's in small amounts. Besides, I also a classic player. I playing different games, but I mostly like RPG hack and slash. Additionally I studying IT.

I'm proud of my mother, because she also bravely leads own business based on inbreeding of Maine Coon racial cats and in this connection exists "CoonKitty" wherein I personally updated the page and I'm her creator. She will be always excellent example about deadly drudgery for some money.

Debut of my second identity happended 3rd April, 2016 while publishing my first production called "Vemux". Publish on Kongregate came as a universal failure which has been finished on 100 views. At the time I have worked only in game development, but one year later I started to publish my music hobbies and there my enemies aren't ladle out psychic neurosis. Death wishes, declaration about group rape by Black Americans instead of listening my music (if someone wants) and therefore negatives flowing from sleeve.

In programming also came revolution and I switched "Unity 3D" to the "Phaser", because he was too sophisticated for my project requirements. After creating "Snake", "Minifield", "Crazy Collector" and "Marball" I received advanced experience in framework usage which as you can see, contributed to present myself from quite different path as a teacher. Since September, 2017 I leading videotutorial called "Phaser: Tutorial for beginners" wherein I explain basic topics about usage of "Phaser", framework intended for HTML5 games development. It's the only source of interesting of my person, because the rest of content has been construed as normal (I was really disappointed, no matter).

I never expected that is hard to attract attention of myself without deals. As if were people before me which designing games and music simultaneously, interesting that I wasn't heard about any of them yet. Weird.

After two years of being Jason I realized that is the right moment to show myself in front of camera and since April 2018 I have conducted "Nocna spowiedź" ("Night confession") vlog, but I deleted him 23rd June due to abrupt negatives flow.

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