If you want release game in the Internet like me, think twice about Kongregate. I "fighting" with this service since the beginning of my activity about equality, because after this years I have paying attention on some details which could not give me peacefulness and I'm surprised they ever came. Listen up, I showing arguments why I think that Kongregate is a piece of SHIT.

- All my published games haven't got even 200 views until "Idle RPG" which was (at last) viewed many times.

- They said that after attaching their API to your game, your game will attract much more attention. Bullshit. Promises, promises. After "Vemux", "Just Shoot", "Breakin Block", "Snake", "Minifield", "Crazy Collector", "Marball", "Vector Runners" and "Not So Jump!", I said "screw you".

- If you want to earn some money, you won't see them so fast, even adding their API and increasing ad revenue to 50%.

- People commenting below your game are jerky and annoying. You can also encounter with pretensions, I had one time (Premium Edition once again). Furthermore, they are blind or handicapped, because some of them even cannot get which keys must press to at least choose language...notice that I clearly marked in the game which keys works, also on the page is written "INSTRUCTIONS". Go see now.

- Always, always, every game released on Newgrounds, has one more star than on Kong.

- When "Minifield" on Newgrounds took "Daily 3rd Place" (almost 4 stars and above 5.000 views), on Kongregate it barely went to 2.5 stars. Thousand of views I saw just after a year.

- Adding a game you can add also some tags. In fact, there is a chance that you won't see them at all and your game won't be seen, due to voting system (someone must "agree" with you about adding correct tag).

- Right now is a trendy for "idle". One game of this genre even achieved a highlight in "monthly game" category. All of them has four stars, except my "Idle RPG". Discrimination?

That's why I personally prefer Newgrounds, because there are people who aren't annoying, they'll rate you objectively, you'll receive many ratings and therefore, there you won't find any injustice. You have a ceirtainty that your game become noticeable.


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